Margery Wilson has been a writer since she was 8 years old.

“My grandmother went deaf when I was very young.  To ‘converse’ with her during her weekly visits to our home I needed to write on a pad of paper.  I truly learned my craft by ‘talking’ to grandma.”

At the age of 13 she began writing a monthly music review column for the prestigious Santa Barbara News-Press, a position that introduced her to the world of music and entertainment reporting.  (“They had a contest to win a Beach Boy’s album. I won.  My essay impressed the editor so much that he offered me a  monthly column.”)

Over the past 40+ years she has worked as a journalist, book editor, and magazine managing editor. She was the co-founder of two print magazines and in 2009 – 2011 worked with Gailen David as a travel writer for the Dear Sky Steward blog, and as a producer and co-host with him for their popular Jetiquette podcasts. Until early 2015 she was again teamed with Gailen David and The Savvy Stews as writer,  researcher and associate producer for the television projects at Savvy Omnimedia:  travel segments on The Daily Buzz, and a travel series, “Take Off!” which aired on the Discovery Channel’s Destination America channel (available on Direct TV and HULU).

Margery lists her passport as her favorite possession.  “I love to be on the road. I love to wake up and start a new day ‘somewhere  else’”

For 34 years Margery worked for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) “my day job.”  There she jokes she wore so many hats over the years “I could open a hat store.” She retired in 2017. During her tenure at MIT she worked in the President’s office as an editor and later worked in the Medical Department serving as a clinic assistant in Urgent Care. She founded and for 15 years was the director of the Breastfeeding Support Program which served as a model for many businesses and gleaned several prestigious awards for innovation. Margery was one of the first International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

Besides serving as a part-time consultant to the hospitality industry, where she has worked for many years assisting management of four and five star hotels assess their customer service, she has traveled extensively “on a shoestring.”

“Rick Steves, the travel writer, says he prefers traveling ‘close to the ground’ – meaning to live as a local as much as possible when traveling. I agree. If I can shop for groceries and cook my own meals I feel I have ‘lived’ in a place.” In pursuit of this travel style she has self-catered in UK and France, traveled across Europe with a tent, traversed Scandinavia to the Baltics and Russia staying in private residences or hostels, and backpacked solo in the back country of Denali National Park.

As a solo senior traveler Margery relates, “I enjoy a good luxury resort from time to time, but I savor the budget experience.  A luxury property pampers and cares for the traveler anticipating needs and fulfilling them. Travel on a shoestring requires a good measure of self-sufficiency, serendipity and appreciation for the unexpected. The former can be a relaxing holiday, the latter is always an adventure.”

Besides her love of travel she is a fan of theatre, comedy, history and literature. Margery currently resides in Massachusetts with her cat, Sirius.